How to deacivate my account?

I joined on 02-27-2012 and since then I’ve uploaded 4-5 posts. But everytime I check, it shows only 1 post. I sent an email to the webmaster and even tried posting a complain on the forum itself. but it didn’t help. Please assist me in deactivating my account.


I don’t mean to sound rude at all, but this forum is not affiliated with that forum by any means. We have no authority, or any way to even help with this issue…Unless it’s a big deal and there’s some risk or what not, why not just let your account die out? You could always change hte password to something like a;sjdf09490ifasdfjkaj;f4980389 to ensure that you’d never be able to get on it again :slight_smile:

RyanReese is absolutely correct. You will need to get a hold of whoever runs the site or hosts it and beyond that there’s nothing we can do.

As such I’m closing down this thread.