How to customise 401 Authorization Required


We’re running a Microsoft 2000 Server Standard server, with IIS5. Our intranet is set up and people can log in externally fine, with three attempts to log in before they get the “401 Authorization Required” error page.

The problem is this page. I really need to find a way of editing the content, particularly as in the footer it gives details of the hostname/IP of the server, plus other info.

So I went into IIS and the Custom Errors tab, but although there are various 401.x errors in there, none of them are just 401 with default text “Authorization Required”. It seems as if the custom error isn’t even in IIS, although it must be.

I tried changing the various other 401.x error codes from this tab, by pointing them to a 401.htm file, but this din’t work.

Does anyone know how I can edit this page please as it’s really urgent?


You may want to ask the question on I have seen a lot of related topics are discussed there.

You may want to ask this question on the as well or submit ticket to your current web host. I suppose that would be the best in your situation. Good luck

Did you restart the server after pointing it the 401.htm?
Not sure if it’s needed, but it might be.