How to CSS scrollbar thumb


i want to css the scrollbar thumb in infowindow… my infowindow is link with map…but not google map…is ONEMAP…cus i saw ppl using the webkit to do it but i cannot use tat… i seeing whether i can use the normal way to css anot…i use the code below can work but i dont noe what code to add in to change the thumb to the img i gave…ps help miie…

thanks alot


{ scrollbar-face-color:#8080FF; scrollbar-arrow-color:#FFFFFF; scrollbar-track-color:#DDDDFF; scrollbar-shadow-color:‘’; scrollbar-highlight-color:‘’; scrollbar-3dlight-color:‘’; scrollbar-darkshadow-Color:‘’; }

Internet Explorer is the only browser that allows scrollbars to be styled (via proprietary codes).

Standard CSS does not allow scrollbars to be styled because they are a part of the operating system and not the web page.

meaning i not able to change the scrollbar thumb to smthin else…instead of what we normally see in IE browser?