How to create website in wordpress

Simply pick a name for your website, buy a domain and hosting.

Select a name for your website and buy a domain & hosting. Go through wordpress UI and pick any favorite theme and design whichever suits you. You can also download some important plugins as per your requirement. Now you can start creating pages easily.

Hey, I saw that you already received a lot of useful feedback. Basically you need to get a domain name and hosting package from something godaddy and then you can start making your websites. As a beginner I would highly recommend you look at some of the really great free and paid plugins that could make your live a lot easier and reduce the amount of coding you have to do. Some examples are woocommerce if you want to make a webshop, various add-ons for your SEO (to make your website score high on google) and for your media management if you are planning to use a lot of images on your site!

Hope this helps and good luck making your website!

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Hello, Let me explain you little here, hope it will be helpful!

Table content is as below:-

  • Get web hosting & register a domain for your dream website

  • Set up your website through the web hosting:-

  • Design your website properly

  • At last, finish it by adding content (pages)

I would recommend to follow these blogs for in depth knowledge:-