How to create this youtube player?

I am sorry, I feel quite thick but I can’t understand what you want. The link I gave you tells you how to create a custom player that you can use in your own page or in a personalised youtube page (if you have one).

Obviously, I’m missing something (probably I’m reading too fast)

Regarding the string, I would assume that’s your API ID… at least, it looks like it.

Anyway, I’m just taking a small break. I’ll re-read this thread when I get home and see if I can get a proper answer. Again, apologies.

Thanks, but it doesn’t tell me anything about this kind of player, it’s some sort of custom playlist in an overview, still can’t find an answer on how to do this

that’s a weird answer to say the least. It’s obvious flash, but what strings do you pull on youtube’s site to create this player, you can see in the link that it’s an in-house youtube thingie, my question remains, how do you create this within youtube?

My apologies. I wasn’t sure if you knew it was Flash or not as this thread has been moved from General Chat

Maybe this thread will help.

well like I said, the player behind the link from the first post is created easily at the page located in my last post, there’s nothing techie about it in this case

Use Flash to do that. I would suggest that you go to and search for flash and video. I know I saw a program that explained how to create a personalised video thing in Flash.

I don’t know how creating custom players work on youtube. I don’t have a youtube account and hence I can’t use the first option (logging in and going to custom video players).

For the second, I think it does answer: create your video player with Flash, use their actionscript/javascript API to make the buttons work, and use the Data API to load it with a list of videos.

Now, if what you’re asking is for the specific javascript/actionscript code to do this, I can’t help you with that, I’m afraid. I haven’t looked at their API and never used it

yes!, thanks for the tip: here it is peeps: