How to create this line background in Photoshop?


This is a line background that I want to use as a header background for a website, how can I create this “irregular line-background” in Photoshop? I would be very happy for tips.

Thank you

I am not a Photoshop expert but I would try creating a layer with a pink to white gradient. Draw the lines onto another transparent layer. You can then adjust the opacity of the line layer over the gradient layer.
Working the other way would also work - gradient layer over the lines layer. Having layers means you can try different methods.


Thanks Rubble. Your intstructions made me recreate the look.

The initial step will be to make a modest little picture which will fill in as fill example. This example will be utilized later to fill and the whole layer. There are heaps of conceivable varieties here, so simply go to make a straightforward example that will produce even lines.

So make another archive in Photoshop that is 1 pixel wide by 6 pixels high with a straightforward foundation. Utilize the Navigator palette to zoom in the distance to 1600% so you can see the pixels plainly. Presently set the frontal area shading to half dim. The most effortless approach to doing this is to hit “d” to set the default foreground/background colors to black and white, then tap the foreground color to bring up the color picker, tap the “B” control in the HSB segment and set it’s an incentive to half (H and S should be zero).

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