How to create text spacing w/CSS, PHP and LINUX

Hi everybody… Im building a website and Ive found dificult to create spacing between text lines (using CSS and PHP). Due to its closeness it is dificult to read so that´s why I need to fix this.
I`m using Linux, so Java script got to be but don´t know how to do it. If you can give me a hand, I´ll appreciate it. Good luck to all.


css “line-height” springs to mind.
I have no idea what javascript and/or linux have to do with this question …

Hi cjpoem - welcome to Sitepoint :slight_smile:
As ScalliollXTX said above you could try line-height to space the lines further apart.



Or if you want space between paragraphs apply a margin to the p element.e.g.

p{margin:0 0 1em}

We’d probably need to see what you have got at present to offer any further help.

As mentioned above javascript/linux/php doesn’t have anything to do with the question so perhaps we have got the wrong end of the stick :slight_smile: