How to create social media site like facebook?

Iam work at senior high school at Lombok Indonesia, and I want to create social media site for interactive with my student, please any body help me how to create social media site like facebook aor twitter?

You could just set up a Facebook page, or perhaps use the Ning service:

You don’t need a whole website. Create a page or a group in Facebook and you are done - communication, multimedia, everything. It’s like a small website :slight_smile:

If you find ning too restrictive and you need a more robust yet FREE alternative, try dolphin. Keep in mind that you need to customize it a lot. You can outsource the labor-intensive parts though.

You have to create a facebook page. use facebook apps.

You just create Facebook fan page and connect with your student. Hence you can easily communicate with him… Just follow link :

Creating new social media like Facebook is should be difficult.Because Facebook is created by using PHP platform.If you want the new social media like Facebook,then you should learn about the PHP or other languages in website developing.

You need to learn computer languages. Its very difficult to design website like Facebook. Facebook is a social networking sites start around 5 years ago by Mark Zuckerberg in her college days. He use just a simple way to be in touch with friends now Facebook page rank is 9 it mean today tons of visitors using Facebook. You can also Design website like Facebook by just hire someone on and they design a script like Facebook.


Set up a FaceBook page first. Put content that is interesting and/or helpful to your target audiences. Then update them with something new like new posts, images and videos to keep them coming back to your page as well as attracting new ones. Try to get involved to other people’s pages.

Your can easily create face book page by using face book features and options which are very easy and simple.

Create a FB page, you will have full access over it with all the functionalities that The Social Network provides.

Create a facebook page, many of the users, chances are, will already have a facebook account and you can just add them to the group

You have no need to create social media site. Just create page at face book and join any group and share your posts at this group.

It was really a very difficult task for any one.if you want to make a site like facebook you will create by a help of good php and web designer its really hard to create a popular like facebook.because facebook was a very i social media try

all people right.But i tell you,you create a website for your student.

Try to create in WordPress plateform its easy plateform to learn and work rather than PHP as Facebook build in PHP. And social media sites needs a good knowledge of programming.

The truth is that if you do create a website in WordPress, you can easily find a social network plugin. Just go to Google and type, “wordpress social network plugin” and you will find your solution in the first few results.

Pal, I think youre spendig your time. This genre is developing but its mostly impossible to start a successful social networking site today.

Bad idea. Create a fb page or add group allowed in fb with sufficient privileges.

Yep, I would also recommend creating a FB-page. Easy, fast, pracitcal.