How to create simple profiles/ employee directory with wordpress

Hello everyone, I have been stuck trying on a school project of mine and was hoping I could get some advice here. I’m trying to create a website for a barbershop and each barber would need a short profile presentation.

The problem is that the barbers would need to be able to edit their profile through the frontend of wordpress and the profiles would also need to be able to be inserted through shortcode on pages/posts. Another required feature is custom fields for the profiles.

What would be the best way to accomplish this? Any plugin recommendations? I have looked at the sabai directory plugin but it just seems way overkill and bloated to what I’m looking to do.

Keep in mind that I only have some html and css knowledge.

Any advice would be much appreciated, kind of lost right now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and help.

I’ve a similar challenge, I need to stay close to you to get idea as well…

I’m currently look at gravity form plugin to do something like this but the question is if users can edit their submission/profile through the front end. I’l keep looking and let you know what I come up with.

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Ok bro. A appreciate a great deal. One love from Africa.

For anyone who has had any experience with similar projects what would be the best way to go?

Just got to users in the wp-admin panel.
Give each barber access but limit it to author, or editor. An email w/the password will be sent to them.
I’d just them give them the url to the post to be edited.Tell them to log in & do it.
I belive w/author or contributor the admin will need to approve the changes. (wich is always a great idea in case they want to mess around or think they are funny)

Also I’d suggest going to the site and looking up the access level for each of those roles.

Thanks for the suggestion! Yes that would be the easiest way but I would like the profiles to look the same all over the board with the same fields (Name, Adress, education, etc) . Another factor is also that I would look to keep everything on the front end.

I have seen a couple of themes that provide front-end editing, but I don’t know if they would meet your needs.

IMHO the way to go is to use roles as pdxSherpa suggested
I would consider starting with Author

somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.

or if you want to approve the posts first Contributor

somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.

Then you could use remove_cap and add_cap() to fine tune the capabilities eg. allow page creation instead of posts

If you are worried about others using the ACP, create a test account and make sure it has access to only what you want the others to have access to before going live.

You could also create a very simple template in the post itself.
With filler text and they just edit the filler.
And place holder for they image etc…When you give them access send along very clear instructions w/screenshots.

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Hi bro have you found good solution? Don’t forget am following u to borrow idea.

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