How to create Multiple File Upload feature with progress bar in WordPress?

I am creating a job application website in WordPress website. In this the users can apply for a job by filling a form and upload their CVs. On the form I plan to use a multiple file upload control through which user will be able to upload their CV and other files. I also would like to show the progress bar that will show the real time progress of uploading.

Please guide me how to make this feature?
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First of all you have to create an application form in HTML on your WordPress website. In that form create fields like name, age, skills, 10th percentage, 12th percentage and so on. Now for CV & file uploading you can create File Upload control, which you can make in HTML and use JavaScript AJAX for uploading.

For showing the real time upload progress you will have to use the HTML Progress tag like this:

<progress value="22" max="100"></progress>

You will have to update it periodically to show upload progress of the files.

You have read this Multiple File Upload tutorial that will guide you in creating the real time progress feature.
Now you will also have to decide on what you have to do when the form submits, which can be:

  1. Do you want to send email to the admin that contains the applicant fill data?
  2. Do you want to store it in the database?

WordPress is built in php language so you will have to make php codes for this. If you are good in php then you can make this in a day or two.

Let me know how it goes.

Best of luck !

Is there any particular reason why you’ve linked to an tutorial for a WordPress question? It seems like that might well cause some confusion.


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