How to create instant download once buyer pays with Paypal?

I know this can be done because I’ve seen it. You purchase a downloadable item from a website, pay with Paypal and there is a button that says “continue” checkout after payment is made, you click that and instantly the downloadable product pops up for you to download onto your computer.

Does anyone know how to do this? Or maybe I should post in the wanted section and see if anyone willing to write the code to make this happen?

I use Frontpage 2000 and have no clue where to begin on creating an instant download with payment through Paypal. Boy, would this make my life SO much easier. I spend so much time through out the day emailing PDF files to customers. Imagine the time I could save if it was automated for them to purchase the item from my website, pay with Paypal and download it instantly. I’m also looking to add this to my new website I hope to launch soon but it will have multiple sellers, thus quite a few different Paypal email address’s.

I know there are programs out there where you can pay them to host this process for X amount a month. But I need it on a multiple user scale and doesn’t look like any of them offer that from what I’ve found out so far.


When you make the button there is an option that you can move the payer to a certain page after they pay.

It’s that easy?? :eek: I was reading all about creating a Paypal IPN and it’s simply like reading Greek for me…sigh

Gosh, I hope your right as this would certainly make it so much easier to have my site virtually automated with instant payments AND instant downloads.


One more question…

If I make a page to direct the buyer to, how do I create it so it will download the file? This is a PDF file and I’m using Frontpage 2000. Is there a way to upload a PDF to whatever URL I redirect the buyer to? Do I just upload the PDF to Frontpage, then right click to look up the properties and that property URL will be the URL I use to redirect people?

Another thing I just realized though is doing this manually through the paypal button there’s really no security is there? The buyer could email anyone the URL so they too could download it without paying. Whereas the companies make it where it expires after a preset period of time. Hmmm. Any idea’s?



It is a php script that reads in a sql entry for the file and the same script will insert how many times it has been download and if it has expired. The script then forces the download of the file when someone goes that the certain address or if the link has expired redirect them to a page to repurchase the file.

I wouldn’t mind coding this for you for 20$.

Thank you Allstar,

I just PM’d you.