How to create expandable banners

I’ve created a million flash banners in my day, but I’ve always paid someone else to create the more complex banners, i.e. expandable size banner, banner that plays video, etc. How can I create that stuff on my own? Is there a Macromedia plug-in that I can use? Or is it as simple as creating a Flash movie that expands on roll over?

Any information you can give me would be helpful. I’ve already hit up Flash Kit, but everything there seems very out of date.


I am interested in doing that also, however, I haven’t had much luck either.

It needs both flash and javascript, it’s been discussed here before:

Some of the advert agencies have downloadable kits to get you started:

Thanks for the links. I hate being redundant, but this should be a more talked about topic. I’m sure there are a million agencies out there that pump out about 10 - 20 banner ads a month and there is a great need for universal standards.

That’s the thing that bugs me with clickTags. They were standardized by Macromedia, but I have yet to see two websites that do it the same way. But that’s another topic.


expandablebanners dot com

  • You do not need any Ad serving company such as Double Click.
  • You can customize the dimensions. (Horizontal, Verticle, Square, Peel, Fullscreen)
  • They use a combination of Flash, Javascript and CSS/DHTML
  • They are compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera… for both PC & Mac)
  • You can set a timer to open or close.
  • You can set how many times the banner opens.
  • These banners overlap content, not to be confused with pushing content down.
  • You will need to create 2 different banners, one in the original size and another in the larger expanded format.
  • Can be integrated into your existing websites or inserted into a banner tracking/rotating system (such as
  • The scripts are throughly commented and easy to understand.