How to Create editable PDF?



Hello, I just want to know how to create editable flyer in PDF.
I do have client and he wants to be able to edit words in my flyer design.

I only use Photoshop and seve them in JPG. If he needs to change something,
instead of bothering me, he wants to make it quick by himself using PDF.

How can I do this.

Thanks in advance!


It is very difficult if you are using Photoshop to create and your client wants to edit in Acrobat. The simple version is that Photoshop is complex and the way it treats fonts is unlikely to make easy editing available in Acrobat. You should make it easy for your client to contact you for changes. Unless it is something simple like straight paragraph text then you'll find it causes more problems than it is worth. Here is a recent link discussing this problem from the Adobe forums. It is an issue that has had mixed success over the years.


First of all you client must have the RIGHT version of Acrobat. I find that clients can some time have unrealistic expectations not only of designers but reality itself.

If your client only has Acrobat Reader ( you know, the FREE thing) he wont be able to do this with your files or anyone else.. no matter what you do.

Now, if they have invested in the full Acrobat Pro, they have TWO options available, assuming you send your files in PDF format ( see: save as PS PDF)

1) Actually this is not available, since PS works in raster and doesn't embed text, but I thought I would mention it anyway. You have the TOOLS>ADVANCE EDIT >TOUCH UP TEXT TOOL. It's really ok.. as long as you haven used any fancy text run around. Essentially they will be able to change content not style, but that should suffice.

2) This is more feasible: TOOLS>TYPEWRITER. Literally you can make/edit containing boxes that OVERLAY type in them. Again this goes ON TOP of the existing design and utilizes only included or system fonts. But technically you could do your design sans-text , save as PDF , edit the text in acrobat ( or leave the content for him to add, tho he will only be able to use the fonts he has).

Keep in mind, as Slackr has pointed out, that Acrobat is NOT a layout/editing application... so results will vary.
hope this was helpful


A bit of a longshot, but you can open PDF files in Illustrator and edit them, too. Not certain about this, but I think it's easier to edit them if they were created in Illustrator in the first place (but I haven't tested that). Of course, it requires the client to have Illustrator, which is pretty rare.


Nitro PDF is an alternative to Acrobat that is a lot cheaper and does all the same things (if not more).


These answers pre-suppose that the flyer text is free from transformations and the font entire is embedded and available. Some of this comes down to your original design choice, if you know in advance your client wants to be able to edit then make sure the blocks of text that are likely to be edited as simple as possible. There are ways to edit the text but I would road test the PDFs to save a constant game of frustration and trouble-shooting time that would likely take longer than a few small text changes.