How to create Dynamic Links in JSP

Hii everyone…I have stuck from last 2 days with this problem.
I am creating one application in JSP.In that application , i am selecting only one “Source” using listbox. And multiple “Targets” using checkboxes.
All source and targets names are directly taking from databases.

So, after selecting One source and multiple Targets, i have to generate one table using Three columns i.e. souce name, Target name and Link. and that link should be only specific to ONLY that SOUCE-TARGET pair only. all links should refer to third jsp page which contains some checkboxes, so from that checkboxes , i have to choose some checkboxes n save it in collection.

So, for every link, we can select diff. checkbox and should store in dynamically generated collction.

So, I have stuck with this LINK …How to generate this dynamic link n all?

I have tried from 2 days much on it. But i am not getting it.
Please, help me.
Thank you in advance.

Do you have any code to show?