How to create black & white list for registration

Have several questions in order to launch my Dreamweaver site - here’s one:

I want to allow only “.edu” visitors to register/login. And be able to prevent any problem visitors from logging in. How to create the white & black lists to do this? Thanks.

What is a .edu visitor?

How will your allowed people be logging in? Will you give them log in details, or will they set up their own account?

That’s an email address - like .com - and they will login like any site, on the front page. Basically they’ll register & receive an automatic email to activiate their account. So this initial registration must have a black & white list in place to automatically allow only “.edu” email addresses (not “.com” or any others) to be allowed to register. Do you know how to do this? Thanks.

O, right. Well, on your sign up form, you can easily set up a script filter so that it checks the email address and looks for a .edu extension. You should be filtering the email address anyway.

That’s one approach, anyhow. This is really now a PHP issue, so may be better in the PHP forum. First, though, how have you set up the registration form. Did you write the form code yourself?

I have not set up the registration form yet. Dreamweaver has a template for one, and Facebook has a plugin for one, but I haven’t decided which to use (or maybe another option). So I wanted to first figure out the black & white list (script filter) and see if it’s compatible with either of those registration options. Any thoughts?