How to create an online diy web design service?

I’m making a service that creates do-it-yourself web design for house cleaners:

  1. They log into my site, create a user, pw, and choose a subdomain (
  2. Choose template.
  3. Modify pictures, phone number, email, etc.
  4. Site goes live!

Know of a software package to launch this with?

I believe that shared web hosting account will be more then enough to get started

Know of a software package to launch this with?

Sounds to me like you’re looking for a site builder, to which you could add your own, maid targeted templates. I don’t know of a software that would do, out of the box, exactly what you want though.

The straight forward way of doing this would be to hire a web developer and have him build this system for you. You’ll probably want at least a reseller hosting account, so that end users don’t get access to each other’s files etc. That is, if you plan to give them FTP and control panel access etc.