How to create a youtube type website?

I want to create a website similar to YouTube. Unfortunately I just have a great idea for content, but at the moment I have zero programming knowledge. I want to learn how to manage the site myself. I found website boostcast which offers templates etc, but I don’t know if they are good enough. It does not seem to have even HD player and they own the licence etc.

Could someone help me???

Well I would start by looking for a pre programed script since you currently have no programming knowledge.

You will need to find one that fits your budget, then make sure you can customize the design for your needs and personal style your trying to achieve. If you don’t know how to do that you can hire someone to do the customization for you.

What is the best and most advanced one available? Money is no issue for this project. Thanks.

Check out PHP Motion… its a youtube copy…

Hello USandA,

I wanted to ask you, about your idea, what happened? I hope it went great.
I want to create a website like youtube but on a different aspect (no porn or things like that).
I wanted to ask you what you have done with yours, any tips? Any sites for me to look at?
Is Python PHPmotion the best option?

I am looking forward for your answer