How to create a pricing table using css


How can I create a pricing table easily



Grid? (Question rather vague, have to give vagueish response.)

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Surely a pricing table is tabular data and should be marked up as an HTML table, which can be styled as required.



@georgeneil0101, do you have a mock-up of what you want to achieve? As @m_hutley says it is a rather vague question.



Ask someone to do it for you… or hire a consultant. ?

You could show us your work (what you have done so far) and perhaps show us a drawing of where the pricing table should fit and how it should look in your site. At this moment I can’t tell if you want a table, a grid, a list, or what. We need more information. We are glad to help, but we don’t know what you are imagining in your mind.

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