How to create a pagebuilder

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I know this is a big subject but I want to know how I can make a simple pagebuilder.
Reason is because i’m making a cms and I want to be able to create new rows that are also editable for my system.

Is their a general way how to do this?
And how am I able to save that layout to the server ?

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Things like CMS are generally done via server-side scripting, such as php, rather than javascript, though javascript can play a part in it.

The server-side scripts will work along with some kind of database system, such as MySql.

Yeah I know but I am more interested in what format to save the “build” json or plain html ?
Then save it to the server OR save a file and load it in ?

But first of I want to know how I can add rows and columns that are bound to a grid ( depending how many columns already exist )

You could save your page contents in MarkDown format.

and then load file and convert back to html ?

Yes, run it through Parsedown or something similar.

So save the template to markdown and on load, get file load trough parsedown.
But isn’t it better to save on db ? ( since I don’t want my server to be full with all kinds of files )

plus I still do not know how to create a new element.

Can I do something like :


There’s no reason you can’t store your elements (whether in HTML, MD or plain text) in a database.

I’m not sure about the jQuery to create a new element. Hopefully a JS will pop by…

Yeah I hope so to.
At least now I have some idea’s how I can store the data for the template.

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