How to create a list in template

I am from China, just have learn some basic knowledge about html and css. When I am using Anki to create a template to learn English, I want to know how to create a list in a line for just every sentence.

The Q sentence and W sentence do not have list point, I want they have the same point as X sentence.

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Like this:


One <li></li> for each entry.

It is done in such way:


The unordered list tags <ul></ul> will produce bullet points by default, whereas the ordered list tags <ol></ol> will produce a numbered list.

Thanks! I was just wondering can I make a template, so every time I copy a sentence into the template, it will automatically add list point for every sentence. Otherwise I need to add the tags for every sentence. My English is not so good, hope you understand what i have said.

Your English is very good. smile

Your question seems to be more about using Anki than it is about HTML, so I’ll move the thread to the General Web Dev section, where you’re more likely to get help with it…

Anki supports the function of html and css , and the website you mentioned above is very informative. Thanks for you help, I really appreciate it.:smile:


Three are two basic kinds of lists in HTML, unordered list and ordered list.

Example of unordered list

<li>Web Dev</li>

Example of ordered list


Now you can add a little bit of css or bootstrap to make them amazing!

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