How to create a html and css automatically scrolling photo system



I've been looking into creating a automatic scrolling photo system i've got a photo of what i'm looking to do

basically one were it automatically moves to the right and wou can see a bit of the one about to come and a bit of one the just went.


and how far have you got with the code?


I haven't started yet. I have attempted to code things like this in the past but it never worked properly. I just learnt how to code html and css a year ago and i didn't get tough much like this.


I'm sure we had a question about exactly this kind of slider - with partial images showing at the edges - a while back. It might have been 18 months or two years ago. I've not been able to locate it yet, but I'll keep looking. I can't remember, though, whether it was pure CSS, or whether there was JavaScript involved. Does it have to be pure CSS, or would a JS version be OK?


This JS slider seems to do what you want:


There's no point in re-inventing the wheel as there are thousands of 'sliders'around unless you want one without all the basic functions. The one that TechnoBear shows above should do what you want.

If you wanted a carousel of images that continually slide with no interaction (i.e. no forwards, backwards or pagination etc) then you could do that in CSS only but it would be very basic.


@TechnoBear I will give that one a try thanks.


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