How to create a 3d website

i want to create a 3d website, will it be possible by using web 3.0

I think you need to better define what you wish to accomplish. The definition of “3D” varies widely dependent upon your perspective.

Do you have a specific purpose for the site? A product you wish to display in 3D? Are you interested in providing a Browser-based game in 3 dimensions?

I can’t see how the design of the database will have any effect on the appearance of your site.

yes its a product site

you are right but who knows Google , what he consider, actually according what is the best way for this to create in easy way

There is no way for Google to see the database and so it is only aspects that search engines can see that will affect them such as the speed at which the page displays (which is dependent on the database design in so far as how quickly the desired info for the page can be found).

i am completely agree with that and surely i will do all the steps that you have mentioned me to do or not do.