How to Count the comment in php

How to count the likes and the comments in a project.
php function

You’ll need to give us more details than that @Almasi

i mean how to count the comments like comments of facebook.

in php do we have function for that?
if yes,plz share

Those are entries in a database.

PHP does not have a single native function to do that.

But you could write one that works with the database to count rows of interest.

can you write that?

He could, but you’d lose the opportunity to learn.

It sounds like you’re using a pre-packaged solution, so perhaps you can start there (either with the developers or searching for people that use that package). If, after you’ve given it a try and are still unsuccessful, you can come back with what you’ve done, and someone can help you from there.

This site is for the free exchange of knowledge, not for people looking to get free work done.


ok thanks for your advices

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