How to convert XML to MySQL?

I have database in XML. Thousands .xml files with same structure but different content. Is that possible to convert this DB to MySQL?

Hrmm… convert? You could run a nice php script which parses the xml and shoves it into the DB. That’s about all I could think of.

Are there any ready made tools? Like MySQL Migrate Tool to convert MS SQL to MySQL, for example.

probably not - ms sql and mysql are both relational databases (sql), so moving data is merely a matter of syntax. xml and sql are inherently different types of storage, so there is no mechanic way of translating between them - you need a programmer for that.

You can use this software for conversion:

They have a free 30-day trial period, so if it’s a one time deal then it’s good for you; Otherwise, it’s going to cost around $100. Sounds like that might be worth it to you. It also converts a lot of other data sources besides xml.