How to convert traffic into sales

I’ve applied all the seo techniques to my site, bought google and facebook ads. I’ve increased traffic to my site significantly. BUT my online sales weren’t increased. How to convert traffic into sales? Could you please help me with your tips?

May sound simplistic, but given the few known facts, sounds like a “niche” problem. Are you targeting your specific market in the most effective, focused way? That’s the reason I couldn’t get traffic-to-sales in my early days.

first of all, just because you buy traffic doesn’t mean anything. The traffic needs to be extremely targeted in order to help your sales.

Targeted traffic should convert every 1 in 50 at least and un-targeted traffic converts about 1 in 2,000. As you can see the numbers are off by quite a bit.

focus on the riight keywords and attract people with the content of your site.

Thank you guys for your answers! I am an AdWords newbie… Yes, I will analyse all of my advertising campaigns again and filter the channel.

Just make sure you know where the ‘pause’ button is when your adwords campaigns start to cost you too much. It happens, just keep an eye on it.

Dear worksforweb,
I feel your concern… I want to refer to what my boss calls ‘a funnel effect’ - basically, you want to collect the interest of the clients/leads and lead them thru the funnel and lead them to your sales. You also want to make it compelling to ‘buy now’ - like putting a button on the pages ‘BUY NOW’. Good luck.

If you’re using paid traffic, design an effective landing page. Work on some good copy that will convert your traffic into actual sales. If you aren’t getting sales, it’s either your copy or your landing page.

You could also try to build up an email list. This way you’ll increase your chances to convert possible buyers.


before starting the campaigns workout the major attraction point your site so that you visitor should get what they looking for easily.

If we are selling an affiliated product, you can build trust in 2 ways:
1.Give a personal encounter of your experience with the product that you recommend:This is usually a one-page review on how the product has benefited you.
2.Build a seemingly trustworthy niche site, one that seems to have great info and great reviews, with prominent links or banners linking to your affiliated product
This are to ways.

The purpose of SEO isn’t to increase traffic. The purpose of SEO is to increase RELEVANT traffic - visitors that are really looking for what you really offer.

A site that hosts websites, for example, isn’t going to get much business from people looking to learn how to host a dinner party.

Your SEO efforts have to target the actual search terms that real people (not your boss) enter into a search engine when looking for what you have to sell.

Your AdWords (which I consider to be SEM not SEO) needs to be well defined and targeted. Paying for broad terms is a waste of money and effort.

While “software” will get you more visitors, “widget software” would get you more sales… [providing that widgets can use software and that you sell it :)]

If you can’t increase your actual sales then try upselling. Upselling has worked for me numerous times.


Hi Guys, thank you for all your thoughts that you’ve shared.

We’ve been working for 4 years in the software market (since 2006) and developed our products comprehensively. We are a trusted name to our visitors. Our products are not something unfinished. According to our product survey they are good enough and much in demand. Our software has a lot of useful features and it is not expensive in comparison with competitors’.

We have enough sales. But we hoped to increase them significantly by using SEO techniques, google ads and facebook ads. Unfortunately, according to our experience these advertise campaigns do not work as we supposed. Yes, they increase traffic but this traffic is useless.

Dijup is right.
Other than this you can take help of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Built a fan-page and get fan-following to your account, try to communicate with them, figure out what are people searching for. Tweet about your product/services, tell them about your updates and offers, you will not get instant result through this but once you built your image things will start rolling…

have you did any research on what type user are visiting and what are the primary target page.

try to analyze the use and its behaviors and set your site according to that use google analytics properly analyze your user.

one of the Great way to increase traffic is to use the well reputed social networks and then increase your followers, friends and etc. If your traffic generation strategy is effective then no doubt that you will get good traffic and that traffic will convert into your leads.

We have recently been having a similar problem lately with one of your websites. We get a lot of traffic, but are seeing very little sales. We sell desktop search tools. One approach we took for one of our products is to ask suggestions via our email newsletter. So basically, we were asking for feedback from users of that program or another one.

We got a lot of great suggestions. It does take a lot of time to go back through an redesign a software program to implement some of the changes, but we have seen success so far catering to the suggestions of active users/customers.

Look into which keywords your visitors used when they ended on your website. You need to analyze your traffic then you can optimize it for the right audience. When you advertise you could choose to advertise on websites of your niche instead of Adwords. Most of the time it is cheaper plus you are targeting the right audience.

If you want to gran the attention of your targeted users then do something for them. Give them what they are searching and this thing will convert your traffic into leads.

Exactly, think of it from the viewers point of view and offer them what they want, make it fast and easy and overall just make it appealing to them.