How to convert to pdf

I would like to make a pdf page from user profile data. First I was trying to creating an html page then send html to pdf using a 3rd party application. But it would be a lot easier if there is any other way to send data in pdf without creating it in Html first.

Thank you

Hi @pooja101 and a warm welcome the forum.

It is not easy to suggest solutions without having more information.

Please supply typical “user profile data”, images, thumbnails, etc

If it is just a single occurrence then perhaps use a free online application. If numerous profiles are required then it would help to know your software expertise.

Following is from one of many free online applications:

Profile - pooja101 - The SitePoint Forums.pdf (73.1 KB)

there are many online video converters which will help you to convert it pdf

Use conevrter online or download, i am sure it will be one for sure!

Use online Converter, many websites are providing online converter, u can also use am sure it’s working

In what format is the profile data currently stored?

If I were you, I’d create a well-designed Word template, insert user profile data in the Word template and then save it as a PDF file.

The OP hasn’t returned since posting. There seems little point in giving any further suggestions.

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