How to convert scanned image to any word doc or aiken format in c#

How to convert scanned image to any word document in C#

Buy an OCR library. Or just insert the image in a word document.

Thanks for your information.But is there no any code in c# to convert it

I want to convert scanned image to excel in c# with out using ocr software.

I’ve never heard of putting images into a spreadsheet, but I guess it could be done. Are Macros written in C# ?

I will exlplain you how exactly how want the image for example the scanned image is like examination paper that include multiple choices and etc.That
i want exactly to be export in excel so that i can export to the paper in question bank that i have.I want that conversion in c# code.
If u know something relative to that also plz send me it will help me alot .
I need the code very urgent.
Thanks in advance.

If you want to get the text from an image file I think the closest thing is OCR

Image files are binary and text files are ascii

To us it’s easy, we can read the image text. but to a computer the bits and bytes are totally different. I sure wouldn’t want to be tasked with having to write the code.

Why not use OCR?

Thanks for ur suggestion i know that it could be done using ocr but i dont wanna use that software.
My company not going to spend that much of money to buy that software. so i need exactly the code to be convert it in c#.

First, you can get OCR pretty cheap these days – it is builtin to office and acrobat which your company almost certainly has.

Second, the reason good OCR is expensive is because writing good OCR software is very, very difficult. And wrapping your OCR software in a decent user interface is perhaps a bigger challenge. So there isn’t a free, easy, copy/paste solution someone can post here that will solve your “urgent” problem.

Inserting image in the word document is a better idea and this is what most of the people do.

I got the code to convert it using MODI but what’s the problem is it is converting with out spaces. so the out look is not exactly the scanned
image.Any way thanks for ur reply.