How to convert website as application in IIS?


How can i convert an website as application in IIS?

Are there set steps i need to follow? How can i do this?

Wait, what?


Sorry i am being vague. Basically i am trying to integrate a ASP.NET blog on a website. Its an opensource blog which i need to integrate called “Subtextproject”, i am following the following tutorial:-

I have been following the steps, and once i upload the folder and try visiting the link i get an error:-

So i presumed for this i need to configure the application in IIS?

Any ideas?

OK, in IIS try to add the folder as a virtual directory. I believe that will make it act as it’s own application.

How do i do this?

When you say in IIS, how do u mean? I have done something with IIS before which was to run my website in localhost as far as i remember.

Sorry, i normally code in PHP, pretty new to .NET :confused:

Oh, you’re using shared hosting. You won’t have access to the IIS administration panel.

I believe the reason you’re having this issue is that you’re trying to add an application into an existing application pool. IIRC, you have to add a separate application as a virtual directory of the existing application but don’t quote me on that. I’m not sure because I’ve never had to do it. Someone else should be around shortly to be of better assistance.


The hosting company hosting the website is DiscountASP, and i cant find anything in the control panel to IIS, unless i am missing something?

Lets hope someone can help us out :slight_smile:



Is it something to do with enabling IIS in management console? I tried starting this but i got a popup error, see screen grab attached.

If this is what is needed, then i dont understand why, how will this affect the website which is on the server?


It won’t. That’s the IIS admin panel on your computer not the server.

Ok, well can you help me adding the application as a virtual directory?

Is this the solution?

Yes, if you want to add another application into an existing one. It has to be a virtual directory to so that it knows its another site.

You need to create the virtual directory on the hosts IIS. But as said above, you cannot access your hosts IIS console. So instead you should have access to some sort of control panel, such as helm or something else. You should be able to set virtual directories in that control panel.

Did a little diggin…


Just a demo, but identical to your control panel.

Hope it helps.


Thanks USPatriot, so what do i need to change here? I do have access to this page in my control panel, where can i add the blog as a virtual directory?

Would i need to re-upload the folder for it to take effect?

Best would be to just try and host ur blog on a linux box. As that folder should not be a Virtual Directory for php. Only .net sites. Do you have a web.config file or something in there?

Billy, as I am not a member of that hosting company, I can’t drill into details because they are not offered in the demo version.

However, I did stumble across this feature, that allows you to add and remove applications:

Just log on and find “Web Application Tool”, and add you app there. Like I said, I’m not 100% sure, but you CAN have multiple projects under one domain. PHP and ASP.NET. In different virtual directories. Just send a support ticket to the company, and they can assist you further.

Good Luck


Thanks everyone how is helping me out with this. I have managed to set up the virtual directory, i went to “Web Application” in my control panel and set the “blog” folder up as a web application.

Just one thing, what does this error mean? I get rid of one error and another one comes up :confused: I maybe better to contact the Subtext team but i find this forum more helpful :rolleyes:

Anyway, take a look:-

Any ideas what this error might be relating to?


Web applications use inheritance. So it is trying to load your main web.config and the one in the blog folder. Which has the same elements in. If its only going to be php in that folder, you do not need a web.config file nor a virtual directory. But the virtual directory shouldnt hurt the app.


Thanks, this blog that i am using is actually in ASP.NET, and it does have a web.config file, so i have 2 web.config files, one for my website and one for the blog folder.

So how can i overcome this problem?

Ok, well then for those sections it is moaning about, just remove the duplicate entries from the second config file. In httpHandlers, there is also a remove tag, to remove tags you specifically do not want in the second app. That way it gets removed completely. From both the inherited config and the blogs config.

I hope this all makes sense


You know what, i’m going to make my own blog i’ve decided.

Its taken me 3 days just to get to this point and i’ve got no idea whats wrong with the Subtext opensource blog. Instead i will be hard coding my own mini blog, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Wish me luck! :stuck_out_tongue: