How to convert %7c in to -

In my pligg site when some users use this symbol | than its indexed in search engines with %7c
how to converter this symbol | in to this -
how to convert %7c in to -

Certain characters need to be urlencoded or the link won’t work.

I don’t think there’s much you can do about it and AFAIK a search for either should bring up the same results no?

Mittineague thanks for reply…
I know… But can yiou tell me how to do ?
i am using pligg platform i want to convert my url from
site. com/Movie/ksd-appalaraju-telugu-movie-review-rating-cast-and-crew-%7C-news
site. com/Movie/ksd-appalaraju-telugu-movie-review-rating-cast-and-crew-news

I means i want to remove that %7c
how ?

Maybe you could find/get an answer in

Apache Configuration
Everything you ever wanted to know about vhost configuration, rewriting url’s, apache security, and more .htaccess tricks!


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no one there ?
I am testing Pligg, I never use it and I noted that when I posted some news, it doesn’t remove automatically the special character from the url.
I am using the method 2 rewrite, (category/post/)


Is possibile disable or undelete automatically these character from the url when you submit a news?

And trasform the url to:


some one say me :-You could probably add the following line to the /languages/translit.txt file to correct this problem. This won’t fix existing URLs, but it will correct future URLs.

| = “”

But its not working for me… Please tell me what to do ?

How does the | symbol get there in the first place?

What ?
user submit This symbol | in their post…
I means free submit news website…

I would say it’s better to let Pligg clean up its act then to let Apache fix the URLs for it.
I have no experience with pligg myself so I’m afraid I can’t help you in that regard, but they do seem to have a pretty active forum of their own. Maybe you could try there? :slight_smile:

thanks ScallioXTX,
i already submitted that question there… no on is replying…even forum admin also…
i send private message toooo
I am very sad no one know the solution of this how it is possible ?

I just don’t get why people are submitting such a character, but anyhow …

Is it possible to add some php to the pages that will just convert the pipe symbol into a character reference? Don’t know how you would set it up to grab plig code though. If I just had a standard url entry field on a static site, I’d try something like

$url = htmlentities($url, ENT_NOQUOTES);
$url = str_replace("|","|",$url);

But it seems like url rewriting is the best option if Pligg won’t help you out.

How to url rewriting will done ? i have no idea
there is translit.txt file in my pligg installation…
; global transliteration
« = “”
» = “”
© = “”
® = “”
§ = “”
¶ = “”
⠁ = “a”
⠃ = “b”
⠉ = “c”
⠙ = “d”
⠑ = “e”
⠋ = “f”
⠛ = “g”
⠓ = “h”
⠊ = “i”

Here are some symbols which are converted for urls… When i put this Code:
| = “” its not working…

can you tell me how url rewriting will done?

Here is my pligg forums post… no one is helping me out

old one mine
symbol makes problem


If you’re using mod_rewrite to redirect your errant link to your link, include a range definition with [|]. Apache will decode the %7c and the regex will match with that character range definition.



thanks dklynn,
BU i want my future url good…
I means now if anyone sbmit news to my website than it don’t show %7c.
ya i m using mod_rewrite but how to do ?
i don’t know more coding,
can you plz explain…