How to control Skype Telephone Display

Is there a way to control the Skype Telephone Button. I noticed that, since I have Skype on one of my computers, most telephone numbers in websites are displayed as the Skype Telephone Button. I said most since there are sites which display the numbers in a normal way so I presume there must be a way to control that!

I’m not sure about the patterns it uses for phone number format. A few solutions seem to be found on

A particular one is over the

You also have the Skype button in your browser’s toolbar helping you revert to the original text. Or you can use Control Panel to uninstall Skype Web option.

'Hi noonnope, but I was wondering if there is a way to control it in CSS since, like I said, I see websites where the numbers are displayed in a normal way, without them using images!

You’re mistaken here. In those websites where the numbers are displayed in the original way, the Skype plug-in doesn’t recongnize that data as being tel. no. It’s not the author CSS doing the revert process.

All you have to do is to see how tel. data it is in those websites diplaying original author text CSS instead of the Skype buton presentation.

So what is it that triggers the recognition? Is it the + sign. And what would be another option?

Thanks for the links :tup:

No problem. Learned smt my self. :slight_smile: