How to Control Bounce Rate of Facebook Traffic

I am using Facebook as social networking site. No fact I am getting huge traffic but the bounce rate is very high from facebook traffic. can any one help me that how to get relevant traffic from Facebook and control bounce rate. I am really waiting for your replies.

How are you driving this traffic? Posting to your fan page? Shares? Ads?

See, when you are promoting your content on social networking websites your bounce rate gets affected. Because user user finds required information on the landing page (which you are promoting on facebook) and doesn’t bother to visit other pages. Which increases your bounce rate.

And such bounce rate doesn’t actually matter much (Google Analytics expert Avinash Kaushik has confirmed this). So, nothing to worry about it.

But, Yes, If your organic traffic is bouncing back, this is something to worry about.

Well if your site is selling a product, the first page isn’t exactly the goal so while Avinash makes a solid point as always, let’s not draw a conclusion from it that bounce rates are meaningless in all cases.