How to contact companies?

recently i started my event company please help me how to find or contact corporate companies (small or big ), for generating a leads. How to approach them and what’s the process?

What was the best procedure to contact a companies or new customers for getting a projects.
please help me out friends …

What type of your business? Is it global or local business?

  1. Use the internet to search for the types of companies you want to contact
  2. Send them a nice email or write a nice letter or phone them up

Does sending an email to a company that does not know who you are work? These days emails are over done so much that I feel it will be ignored. Am I wrong?

You’re almost just as likely to be ignored if you call them as well. However, it is a lot easier to send an email and can be done a lot quicker :wink:

Remember that in many places, unsolicited e-mails are regarded as Spam. In the US, for example, you need to comply with the provisions of the CAN-SPAM legislation.

Hey there!

You can definitely get great results through direct contact, but here are some options that will work and how I would personally go about it.

Linked in: Get a premium linked in account and be forward with why you are emailing them. I hate getting linked in promotions that are just about the benefit to the company sending but not for me. Is there a reason you want to run an event for them? e.g. you have certain skills no one has and a marketing idea that would have potential to grow the brand or sales of the company.

Email: Once again, email is overused by a lot of people. if you are to do it, get the email off their website, ensuring it is public and solicited and make honest, detailed yet useful requests. If you want a meeting, let them know why, if you want to do their work, let them know how working together would be great for both of you and that you want to make long lasting connections.

Now both forms are reliant purely on knowing the company has a need for events and also that you have something of worth to offer. If you are sending blind emails that only give benefit to you then expect no response. But expect low response even if there is benefit for the company (due to the cold connection).

The absolute best method is to go to meetups, start up conferences, industry conferences, events and network. Getting one good connection can get you a handful of sales if you do an excellent job!

But remember, do not fish emails, do not break laws and comply with can-spam acts so we can all keep marketing correctly :slight_smile:

Josh Mackow
Marketing Manager at SitePoint

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What type of company you are looking for?

Try to focus on more classifieds website. You can find there your solution.

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Thanks to all who contributed.

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