How to connect SQL Server with PHP Project on centos


I am having one PHP project with Mysql Database. Project is hosted on CentOS. I want also to connect the database of SQL Server 2005 with this PHP Project.

Can you please give me some pointers for this?

Your help will be highly appreciated.


Hi Barbra1712,

I would recommend that you download MySQL workbench. This tool can be found here

Once installed you will need to configure it. It will be divided into three areas ‘SQL Development, Data Modeling, and Server Administration’

Under ‘SQL Development’ you will need to create a connection using ‘New Connection’ . It will ask for the Connection Name, for the ‘Connection Method:’ you will select Standard (TCP/IP). Under Parameters you will need to put you Hostname. If the MySQL DB is running on a server and not your local machine then you will need to put the I.P. Address or local DNS hostname (i.e. - you may not have an internal host set?). The default port should be left as 3306 and then you need to put the Username and Password for this. Make sure you store your Password in the Keychain the first time; otherwise you’ll have to enter it every time you open this connection. Once configured you can run ‘Test Connecition’ to ensure you have set it correctly.

I don’t know how you manage the CENTOS server, but I would recommend you install WebMin (a free and powerful) Server and Services web based manager. You can install this from your CENTOS package manager.

Hope this helps,

Maybe this will help

You need a mssql driver that php understands. There is also the older mssql_connect() drivers in php to hook up to a Microsoft sql server dbms.