How to connect Facebook with Classic Asp Site

Can someone help with this?

I am new to Asp and I found very useful many site allow user to connect with facebook. I was error coding with:

<!--#include file="Facebook.asp"--> (whit md5 class include inside it)

set oFB = new FaceBook
oFB.ApiKey = "...mykey..."
oFB.SecretKey = "...mykey..."
    response.write(oFB.UserId & " <br>Ciao")
    response.write(oFB.FQLQuery("Select name from user where uid = '" & oFB.UserId &"'"))

i receive this error code :

Response object error ‘ASP 0185 : 80020003’
Missing Default Property

I dont really get what properties and code i have to set

Thanks you, Anniston80

you can check here: