How to connect directly from wall to router?

I just bought a linksys router:

What I want to do is use this router without a modem, however it is not cooperating. I have an ethernet jack where I can connect directly from the jack to my PC and I am online, no problemo. However, you’d think I could then connect from the ethernet jack to the router and have my network set up, but NOOO :mad: , the linksys router seems to want a cable modem in between. I don’t understand why I’d be able to connect directly to my PC without a modem, but I need a modem if I am using the router??

Anyone know the solution to this? Thanks!

There has to be a modem somewhere unless you are on a business or school network already. It sounds like you need to configure the router to obtain an IP address, etc. If you are on some other network, your access may be tied to MAC address, in which case you may need to get the MAC for the router registered, or you can use the setup screens in the router to spoof your current MAC.

what kind of internet connection do you have?

Ok, I understand that now. I’m still confused about my connection though. I just moved into an apartment and we have internet and cable provided for us. Right now I am hooked up directly to the ethernet jack in the wall. I have a cable modem, but the cable hasn’t been turned on yet so I can’t set up a wireless network that way. I’m not sure if I will have cable internet…I’m not really sure how it works, but I do have ethernet. If I don’t have cable internet, can I still set up a wireless network? I just looked at Wal-Mart and didn’t see any modems that looked like they could connect to the ethernet jack…the ethernet jack in the modem was for the router and it didn’t have multiple ethernet jacks. Sorry if that was confusing…I’m not too good with networking.

Ethernet. I may have cable once they turn that on, but I’m not sure if I do.

You have internet provided to you with your apartment? (cool) Given that, you don’t need a cable modem. The cable modem would convert the cable connection to an ethernet connection (sort of) and that’s already being done.

So, run an ethernet cable to the ‘internet’ port on the router (the one that is separate from the others), then hook in your pc to one of the other ports. Then go to (username and password: admin/admin) and change your password, turn off the DHCP server and, eh, probably a couple of other things that I’m not too familiar with.

You’re hooking a router to a router, so you have to tell yours to play nice with the other one…not really sure how to do that.

You should really check with the people running the building. I assume they did NOT supply you with that cable modem, right?
It sounds like the building already has a router which is feeding the ethernet jack on your wall, which is why your laptop can connect as soon as you plug in.
That being the case, what you’d need is a Wireless Access Point, not a Wireless Router…
but seriously, check with the building as they’ll have all the details (at least you’dhope they would).

kish is right, definitely the easier option, once you return the router… check out the Linksys WAP54G

I think I will get a tent too so I can camp outside Wal-Mart and not have to drive there everyday! Ah, the joys of moving! :rofl:

Well I have it set up now with the router acting as an access point. Thanks for everyone’s help. Now I am trying to see if I can connect via proxy. I’m thinking maybe I can’t since my apartment is running the network?