How to connect blogger blog with the social networks?

How can I connect blogger blog with the social networks to aumatically post any blog post in the main ones (Facebook, linkedin, twitter,…) .
I would prefer a 100% free tool.

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Whilst you don’t give us any idea which blog tool you’re using, most of them have plug-ins to make the type of connection you’re requesting.

I am using Twitterfeed. It’s perfect for my purpose and is being to be deprecated this next 31 october.

I think you don’t know the answer, but you can try.

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Blogger offers to connect social media platforms with blog page where you can publish official blog directly to social media websites. First, we need to check it out “social preferences” and keep it active with blog. When we will publish any blog then it will automatically publish on social media sites and raise social activity whereby you will boost social links for blog page.

Just put social media links in blog’s page and attach it beautifully for getting outstanding results.

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It depends actually i am working on Wordpress self-hosted site, I am using Publicize method to automatically post on my social handles. Other then that there are few plugins which you can use like NextScripts : Social media auto-poster, this plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog to your Social Network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

@Sam_Pall: are these plugins available for Blogger? (I could only find references to WordPress with regard to them, and as the OP has said quite clearly that they’re using Blogger, that doesn’t seem very helpful.)

Blogger gives possibility to add code. And your social network should definitely has it. So, just check how you can integrate the code into your blog.

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