How to concatenate vars for this code

I have the following code:

Event.observe($('store_locator_form'), 'submit', function() {
        $('storelocator-results').style.visibility = 'visible';$('address').value, {
            radius: $('radius').value

This is for a store locator script. I have it currently running off one field called “address” I need to add fields to the form and change the current address field to “city” and add “state” and “zip”
How do I concatenate the fields city, state and zip into address? I have to put it all into one because the address is all in one field in the db and address is also being run through a script for googlemaps. I have tried many ways and have been unsuccessful.

Thanks for any help!

You can do it by comma separating your CSS selectors


Thanks for your response.

My ids are: city, state, zip
Do you mean simply:

(city, state, zip) ?

Where would I place it?


I would need more than just the script before being able to go much further on this.


Thanks! I appreciate it.

I have attached the script.