How to compile javascript package from github to windows installable exe

Iam trying to compile a open-soure project called skybrush live, to windows installable, in that they use npm startand npm run start:electron to launch the application, but i need to compile to a windows installable
i tried electron-builder -p never --win to compile, didn’t work


JavaScript is typically not compiled. Are you sure you must do that?

JavaScript is typically interpreted and therefore you do not need a Windows exe file for a JavaScript file. What part of the instructions say you must do that? I probably cannot help but if you can describe as best as you can remember what you have done then that will help others help you. What steps describing how to install it have you done successfully? What step are you have problems with?

And I assume that node.js - how to compile javascript package to windows installable exe or appimage - Stack Overflow is also your question.

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