How to combine a site map with a sitemap index?

I have a website with a wordpress blog in a separate directory. How to I add the wordpress sitemap index file at to my sitemap at

In other words how do I combine the wordpress index sitemap with my main sitemap?

Without knowing how the sitemap was created it is very tough to give you a correct answer. But you could manually do this by moving the xml file? or you could have a simple script that moves the file. Or you need to know how its created and see if you can change the path where it is created at.

Hi !!! use sitemap generator to create sitemap for your wordpress website. You have to add sitemap at

The first thing here is to know that if you have a separate installation of Wordpress then firstly you have move your installation directory to the main domain. After you move and when you will try to create an sitemap it will be automatically merged to the root domain.
or if I’m wrong you have post some more information that what exactly you want to move and why?

I’m thinking that if WordPress is a subdomain then the sitemap.xml files should probably not be combined.

And if WordPress is in a subfolder then the main sitemap.xml file should already have the WordPress URLs as long as they are connected by navigation links.

Maybe you’re looking for sitemap-index.xml ?

My take is that the main use is when there would be extra long sitemap.xml file the “index” file points to the acceptable length files.
But I see no reason why it couldn’t be used to point to different sitemap.xml files regardless of how long they are.

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