How to code for dynamic title and description?

First take a look at the code:

<title><?php echo getMetaTitle(); ?></title>

HTML form field

 <div class="form-group">
        <label for="post_meta_title">SEO Meta Title</label>
        <span class="countdown">
            <span id="content-metatitle" title="64">64</span>
            characters left
        <input type="text" class="form-control-meta-title" name="post_meta_title" id="content">
function env($key, $default = '')
    return getenv($key) ?: $default;

function setMetaTitle($post_meta_title)
    putenv("post_meta_title = $post_meta_title");

function getMetaTitle()
    return env('post_meta_title', POST_META_TITLE);

|| define("POST_META_TITLE", "This is my default title in case I skipped the custom title");

Right now, I can’t able to connect above code with the html input form, so I can add my meta title over there.

I’m making a blog, so in every post, there should be a separate meta title, I want like when the user write its own meta title in html form field, this will update his particular post with the meta title for search engine.

Please help

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