How to code a button (login) to verify username + password and redirect it to an url


I have placed two textboxes on my html webpage - (1) username and (2) password textbox together with a (3) Login button.

on this site, I will provide users with a unique username and password prior to their login. Hence, I need to:

(a) verify that the name and password is correct otherwise, alert users to correct it or contact the admin
(b) if the username and password was correct - redirect users to a URL page on my website e.g page2

could you please advise me how i can code this in javascript?

This cannot be done effectively in JavaScript without working in with server-side code that handles the database and verification side of things.

The way to use JavaScript for such a task as this, is to first create a solution that doesn’t use JavaScript, and to then use JavaScript on the top of the base solution to improve the user experience.