How to clear Joomla cache?

I just created a custom html module in Joomla and now half the administrator section is blue. I can’t do anything. I am trying to find the custom html module to delete it but can’t find it. I’M SCREWED! Does anyone know how to fix this?

Does turning off CSS in your browser help any?

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That’s an excellent suggestion. I turned off the CSS and the problem remains. What a relief! I think the issue is the cache in Joomla needs to be cleared. Any more suggestions would greatly be appreciated

following are the steps to clear joomla cache:

  1. Log into your Joomla Administrator dashboard
  2. In the top menu, hover over Site >> Maintenance, and then click Clear Cache
  3. Put a check in the top left box. This will select all groups that have cache that can be cleared. Then, click the Delete icon in the top right menu.

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Thank you. I have come so far with Joomla. :slight_smile: It’s an awesom tool!

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