How to clear html errors and warnings?

sir,i forund many errors and warnings in my blog .plase help me to overcome these errors and warnings.

Have you run the URL through the online web checker?

That usually gives you a good starting point and where you have gone awry


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Which errors and warnings?
Can you please clarify your post with html errors and warnings which you are facing?

Are you referring to the HTML errors, @mahender424?

If so, please indicate which you require more assistance with. There are 354 (and 220 warnings), so it’s hardly practical for us to explain them all! But the Validator gives guidance on where the errors lie, and you should be able to clear many of them by yourself.


Having a good working knowledge of HTML/CSS will help you fix those errors and warning, plus as you get better at HTML you’ll be writing less and less errors because of that knowledge.

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