How to choose an affordable web design service

Hi all,
As there are many companies of web design services,Its little bit confusing, how to choose an affordable web design service? :headbang:

Hey, freelancer offer cheap services, but they’re not always committed to your requirements. So i suggest to look for professional designer, have in mind a budget for your website, and check for hour prices, or promotions they offer. For reference you can also get many results of custom website design on the google.

Hope you get some help!!

Affordable and ‘good service’ do not always correlate you can pay a lot for a bad service. I’ve seen hundreds of “professionals” that charge quite a lot but provide a poorer service than many amateurs. You should have an idea of what you are wanting to begin with, so it’s good to be more specific.

Obviously you will have done some research and have a loose budget range/boundary to begin with. So your problem is separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’ or actually contacting several of these businesses and researching about what they can or cannot do for you once you’ve found something similar to the design you’re after, etc.

Outsourcing is a business that trust is the first requirement. Business won’t grow if you haven’t trusted the company that you’re working with. This business has it pros and cons, you just need to find the right company, ask for samples and client references so you can decide. There are lots of outsourcing providers who pretend to be the best, that’s why you need to be careful and look for the reputable ones.

I suggest to hire a Staff leasing company instead of a freelancer. because leased staff are permanent workers of a company and are easy to reach in case you need them. Freelancers do not have employers so they do as they please and sometimes cannot be contacted for various reasons.

I think every company provides the affordable web designing service…but there is difficult to give quality and 100% client satisfaction.

Don’t pick a provider based on affordability (within certain restraints), you should be focusing on the quality of service, what’s offered and how good they are from their portfolio. If your site is going to represent you for the next year or so… you don’t want to be cheap and get some junky trash that makes you look bad. :slight_smile:

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