How to check penalty for a website?

I working as a webmaster for website pescaboutique (dot) com. Since last there months numbers of internal pages are been not found in SERP results.

For example, one of my prodcut page pescaboutique (dot) com (/) luli-fama-swimwear (/) is cached in Google but could not find in SERP for the keyword luli fama swimwear. Even i cannot find the exact contain in SERP results.

Question running in my mind:
Google has penalize this page?

No authentic tools for checking penalty…Some pages not find in SERP … this is not mean that ur’s site is penalized…First you check your site in SERP… if found no need to worry much… just concentrating on SEO… Why don’t u share yours SEO strategy with us to make a proper discussion…

Were these pages previously listed?

If you do a site-restricted search, do the pages appear? If they do then Google has them listed but is not giving them good rankings. If they don’t appear at all, even when you are only searching your own site, then it would be worth checking whether you have accidentally blocked Googlebot from your site.

It might be worth submitting a reconsideration request to Google. Describe the issue, giving as much detail as possible (including the URLs of the not-found pages, etc). Do this by logging into Google Webmaster Tools and following the Additional Support link.

With luck, you’ll get a reply telling you if whether there are issues with the site that caused the penalty (but unfortunately it might not tell you what the issues are).


Just type the exact URL in Google search box, if your URL comes up… your website is not penalized. If you find an unusual behavior in performance statistics and rankings and your website has been thrown out of search index, you have been penalized for some reasons.

  • Clean up your site if you put any black-hat technique to use
  • Submit a reconsideration request to Google

To get to the bottom of why your site disappeared from Google’s search results and what must you be doing next, follow this link:

I’m not sure that’s true. A site can be penalised but still appear in Google’s index. It’s possible for a penalty to force the site way down in the search results rather than to remove it completely. In that case, searching for the URL won’t tell you anything.


You are targeting a popular keyword with plenty of competition, so it’s not going to be easy to rank well for it. Your site is built using very outdated techniques, including tables for layout, and the page you mention in your first post has over 200 validation errors. Neither of these things is going to make it easy for Google - or other search engines - to crawl your site. If you want to improve your rankings, I would suggest taking a good, hard look at ways to improve your site.

If you are not already using Google Webmaster Tools, then sign up for an account and look at the information it provides about crawl errors and HTML suggestions. You can use this to target improvements to your site.

By up, I meant, up high in search results. If you search on your domain name and it doesn’t appear at or near the top of the results (as Google says), it’s a sign of a penalty. Alternatively, if it does, it isn’t.

It may be there is something wrong with the keyword, some words are banned by Google not to be shown in SERP… it is against the rule of society…

If your site previously ranked in the 1st or 2nd page of search results for a certain keyword for a long time and then suddenly dropped from the 1st 10 pages, then you can make a strong guess.

Submitting a reconsideration request in Google webmaster tools is the most (may be the only) authentic way to check penalty for a website. They will let you know if the site is penalized or any action taken by their spam report team. Google nowadays also penalizes if the quality of a site is not good. Which means even a site is not associated with any spam but lacks of good content, it can be penalized by google.

It doesn’t even come up if I type the url in the addressbar.

If you really mean the address bar (as opposed to the Google toolbar), then the site is off-line for some reason. That’s got nothing to do with search engines or Google penalties. It’s a matter for the web hosting company to sort out.


Comes up for me.

I can also see the website when searching for the domain name. Even with Sitelinks.
As for “Designer Swimsuits: Swimwear New York” you rank first.
All you should do is continue building backlinks for better rankings.

I checked google and the page you showed there was not penalized by google in anyway. Have fun.

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