How to check for open <div> tags

Hello, I have a lot of code in PHP / CSS and I have many <div> tags all over the place.

I’m using Dreamweaver and I can’t figure out if there’s a simple way to check that my <div> tags have an open and a close.

What can I do to check that I have a </div> for every <div> I have ? (and then, to find where I have a lonely <div> tag without his corresponding </div>

Right now, I’m just doing FIND <div
But that’s taking time, and i’m not sure its the best method.

Why not run the code through the w3c validator? You can submit by URL, file upload, or copy-paste source code.

I use PHP Developer 2007/08 which has a great feature where you can select an opening tag and it will highlight the closing tag. You can then move to the closing tag or select everything between the opening and closing tags.

I’m scared of the w3c validator.

true story.

Thanks for the php developer 07/08, i’ll look into it.

I don’t code any pages for the web anymore without running the final draft through the w3c validator, for both (x)html and css. Trust me when I tell you that once you get over your initial fear and start using it, it will become your best friend, when it comes to compliance. And the nice thing is, if your page complies to whatever standard you are using (html 4.0, xhtml 1.x, whatever), it will tend to work more correctly in more browsers, and THAT’S nothing but a good thing. :smiley:

indent your code correctly and youll be able to see easily