How to check Do follow and No follow links

Hello I am freelancer content writer and Digital Marketer and Wanted to discuss how we can know the link we are getting is do follow or no follow ?

Welcome to the forums, @bytonysmith.

If the site you are writing for doesn’t provide the information, you can use your browser’s developer tools and inspect the link, or view the page source.

Most reputable sites will follow Google’s guidelines and mark user-submitted links as nofollow (as we do here on the forums).

There are two ways that I can tell you of:

1) Go to the source code of the page.
Windows: Ctrl + U
MacOS: option+command+U
Then look for the link, and then if you see this : rel=“nofollow” with the link, its a NoFollow. Else, its a DoFollow link.

2) Download and install the Moz Toolbar form the official website. And add it to your Chrome browser as an extension.
Then click the “M” button on your browser to launch it.
After that click, a bar will appear and you’ll need to click the “Highlight Marker” button.
What this button will do is that it’ll highlight the NoFollow & DoFollow Links.
And that will help you distinguish between the links!

Hope this helps.