How to check apache logs in www dot 000 web host dot com

Is there any way I can check the apache error logs from my php tests?
I am using 000 web host and according to this hosting provider, I can’t look at the logs.

Is there any work around to get to check the logs?

I believe if you contact your provider and ask them to help with this they will do unless you are free web hosting user.

Indeed, I forgot to mention that I am a free hosting user and they do not provide apache logs for free hosting users. That is why I asked for a work around in case there was one.

There isn’t a workaround. You would need to have a paid hosting account in order to have access to server logs. What you can do is set up a similar environment on your own system for development purposes using wamp. That’s assuming you have windows. There are equivalents for linux and if you have a mac also. Just google it.