How to check a website's traffic

How do i check traffic stats for any website?
e.g. if i wanna check traffic/no of visitors for any website such as etc

Some sites such as Alexa and Domaintools give an indication, but they are not really at all accurate (at least they do not have my site valued correctly).

It is not the sort of information webmasters generally like to give out though.

i use alexa but it isnt ranks yahoo as no 1 and google as no 2.But infact every1 knows dat google is no 1…
any other way?

It gives rough estimates, obviously, but it gets you in the parking lot of the ballpark.

I use my hosting stats, hostgator has a pretty good one

Very useful for your site but less so for other sites which is what this user wants to measure…

In getting back to that question, you will never be able to truly get an accurate read on a site’s traffic unless they release the numbers. Free services like Google Trends and Compete give an interesting and generally fairly accurate idea of the traffic while paid services like comScore, Netratings and Hitwise can get really good data for larger sites but they all will differ from a site’s internal figures.

Your best bet is to look for visible markers (media kit figures with traffic, adwords impression count if they offer site placements and available web stats) and form an impression of the site’s general traffic and go from there.

You can review your web server logs and check the stats through awstats.

you can compare your site traffic to other with Alexa

You can use google analitycs on your site

I have found that it is usually fairly accurate in many cases, but if the site doesn’t get a lot of traffic or is rather new, it might not have any info on it.

Alexa from amazon is very popular,they also have a fantastically huge db,however they can be misleading on occasions.

ive often wondered this as i am very competitive and several of my friends claim to get several thousand views a day, but alexa says differently.

I’ve always heard that Alexa is useless. It’s not accurate and only displays the stats from people who don’t protect their online privacy (sites visited) very well.

Are any of the online stats really any good? So far I have seen nothing that gives an accurate figure for my site.

What about your server logs? I use Webalizer and it shows where the traffic is coming from, what sites are the top referrers, what the top entry and exit pages are, etc. Lots of great information.

Again, this poster is looking for stats on other websites… logs for his own site sure, someone else’s… not so much.

Then why did he say “accurate figure for MY site”?

Thanks.Google trends and Compete are really helpful free tools.
WHat about the paid ones.Do they really give accurate/better analysis and which one is preferable/best of the three you have mentioned?

He didn’t.

The original question was:

How do i check traffic stats for any website?
e.g. if i wanna check traffic/no of visitors for any website such as etc

Someone else asked about their own stats… my aim is merely to keep the thread on the original topic and insure we answer the question the poster asked.

They certainly do although like any sampling tool they aren’t 100% and will always be contested as they always have innacuracies. However, while you can point at a stat as an indicator, you can take a comscore report to an investor or cnn and it’s respected. But the cost’s aren’t cheap and sampling only covers the top portion of the internet so smaller sites (meaning less than 1 or 2 million uniques) won’t be available with traditional reporting tools like comscore or netratings. Hitwise providers a different type of report and gets a little deeper but is still a far cry from the range of your alexa or stats.

Statcounter and google analytics are the good traffic details for any site. You can get also log book or alexa but it will not give correct estimate. statcounter is invisible and you can know easily where you are traffic and which keywords u are getting more traffic that helps for your future work.