How to check a shopping site is valid?


recently I ran into and they were selling very cheap items that I want, and would make some good birthday presents, and etc. I know that christmas is right around corners, and you wonderful people at sitepoint have been doing a lot of shopping online…

So, how do I go about checking how a site like is valid ? If I place and order, and do not get my items… how do I go about getting a refund and such?


As long as you use a major credit card (and sometimes a check card) you can always do a chargeback if the items are not as advertised, or are not delivered.

But back to your original question - online programs like the BBB Online are good things to look for also. I looked at their site - they look legit. Here are some things I usually look for:

  • Phone number
  • Street address or store address
  • Company history/about page
  • Online associations like BBB or BizRate
  • I add an item to the cart and click “checkout” to see if the checkout process is secured by SSL (https:// instead of http://) This is an absolute must
  • I also check the URL to make sure it’s the same site I was just on and browsing.

But, they ship 6-8 weeks… meaning it will surpass the 60 days money back from most credit card companies.

That what I was so afraid of.

Most credit cards will let you chargeback a sale for up to six months.


thanks. I think I rather not take the risk and shop at

I know this it out of the topic, but that site needs some advice on how to make shopping website that works… When I go to that site a ad popups for some other company that takes of 1/4 of the left top screen, which blocks your view when your trying to shop… I bet that helps them lose a lot of sales… :slight_smile: